Find Your Freedom

Thank you for investing in a Rapid Transformational Therapy Personal Healing Consultation.  I am so excited to support you on your journey to Freedom from your issues!



















The recording will familiarize your mind with the Rapid Transformational Therapy relaxation technique so that it is easy for you to quickly relax during your session. 


The deepest healing can be gained from your minds amazing ability to accept suggestions and this recording makes deep relaxation easy and familiar. 


The recording will feel similar to a relaxing meditation.  Ideally listen at a quiet time in the morning or evening, when you can relax and are not focusing on other activities such as driving or working.

Preparing For Your Consultation 

  1. FREE AUDIO listen to your 'I Choose Freedom!' recording for 10 days prior to your consultation. See 'Download Single'.

  2. ZOOM SESSION: Please find a comfortable space where you will not be interrupted for the 2 hours of your consultation. You will need:

- A strong internet connection with a power cable to your device (Laptop, computer, or smart phone), so the battery doesn’t run out during our session.

- A comfortable chair or bed where you can relax with your neck supported.

- A surface for your device to stand on at least arms distance from you, so the screen will show your full upper body including your arms.

- Please turn off your email app and silence your phone so you do not get any interruptions during the consultation.

Connect to Zoom - Link will be sent.  If for any reason the connection breaks during the consultation (which very rarely occurs), you can try to reconnect, or if you are deeply relaxed allow yourself to become aware in your own time.  There is no urgency, just allow your body it’s natural healing time. 


Using Whats App - I will continue to complete your personalized recording and connect with you soon after the session.

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